Residential Life

Morgan MalleyMeet Your RA's

Morgan Malley
University Village B
Community 5311-5340

My name is Morgana Malley but I usually go by Morgan. I'm 19 years old and going into my second year at RSU and second semester as a Resident Assistant for University Village B. In addition to being an RA, I also work at Reasor's as a cashier and in Herrington Hall as a Classroom Facilitator.

I was born in Santa Cruz, California and lived there until I was 10. After that, I lived in Adair, Oklahoma and graduated from Adair High School.

I love to write, and my favorite subjects are definitely English and History. I love music and really enjoy going to concerts and local shows. I like art, being crafty, and adore watching movies.

I love being an RA, living on campus, and making new friends. Don't let my outer appearance fool you, I'm a very sweet person, really social and always open to help residents whenever possible. My favorite part of being an RA is the camaraderie between myself and my coworkers, and with other students.

I'm still undecided on my major, but I plan to figure that out by the end of this academic year. I love getting to know people and experiencing new things. I'm also down for adventures and expanding my horizons. I'm so excited to meet all the new residents and become closer with the returning ones. I hope you all have a wonderful year!