Residential Life


Q. Can I smoke in the apartment?

A. In compliance with Governor's Executive Order 2012-01, Rogers State University is a tobacco and smoke free campus.

Q. Can I move provided furniture to storage?

A. No, all provided furniture must stay in the actual unit. However, you can bring your own furniture if you are able to store provided furniture within the unit.

Q. What is Dining Dollars?

A. Instead of requiring a meal plan, the Residential Life department is implementing the purchase of funds to be spent at RSU Hillcat Hut and Convenience Store using the term Dining Dollars. The required amount is $1,095 per semester subject to Board approval at the March meeting.

Q. What is Residential Life department’s missing person policy?

A. In compliance with Higher Education Act, Rogers State University Residential Life has procedures for what someone should do if they believe someone is missing and what steps that the University will take to find the individual. For more specifics on policy, view full procedures and forms.

Q. Does on-campus housing have high crime statistics?

A. Rogers State University has very low crime statistics related to alcohol, drugs, and theft. The Jeanne Cleary Security Act provided the University’s crime statistics for past three reporting years.

Q. Are the units in University Village A or B co-ed?

A. Within each unit, the residents are all the same gender; however, there could be a unit of opposite sex living across the hall.

Q. Is there a curfew for University Village A or B?

A. We do not have a curfew. We do ask if you are going to have a guest anytime from the hours of 2 am to 7 am that you get a guest pass which you get five per semester.

Q. Do I have individual contract liability?

A. Residents of off-campus apartments are generally required to share responsibility for the entire apartment contract or lease. That means that if one roommate does not pay his or her share - all the others have to come up with the money or face possible eviction. At the RSU Student Apartments you have an individual contract so you will not be responsible for your roommate’s portion.

Q. What is the floor plan?

A. We have four different unit layouts. University Village A has all four private bedrooms, two bath, full kitchen, and living room area. University Village B has three different unit types they are four bedroom with full kitchen and living room, two bedroom and one bedroom units with kitchenette area and bath. Our apartments are already furnished and provide a great balance of privacy and economy.

Q. Why live on campus?

A. In addition to the obvious advantages of being close to your classes and campus activities, and having access to campus resources, studies show that students living on campus actually have a greater opportunity for growth and success. Living in a student community enhances the learning process and better prepares the individual for the real world. Just as important, living in the RSU Student Apartments is fun. The heart of the action, the closeness of your peers, and the privacy of your living quarters are just some of the many reasons that this is the best place to get the most out of your college experience.

Q. What about utilities?

A. The university pays water, electric, sewer, trash, and gas for the hot water system, which saves you about 20 percent over in-unit electric water heaters. All units are energy-efficient, well-insulated, and feature low-consumption appliances. Each unit in University A has its own thermostatically controlled central air conditioning and heating while University B units are controlled by Physical Plant due to geothermal system.

Q. What’s an RA?

A. RA stands for Resident Assistant. RAs are live-in students trained and dedicated to making your RSU experience the best it can be. Each RA has a specific area of the apartment community for which he/she is responsible. The RAs coordinate area and community-wide social, educational, and recreational activities. At least one RA is available to you 24 hours a day as a community resource.

Q. What do I have to do?

A. Mail your completed and signed Housing Application to RSU to be placed on our list of interested students. Call 918-343-7789 if you have any questions.

Q. Then what happens?

A. When we know that we will have space for you, you will be contacted by mail to complete remaining housing process of paying $200 deposit, signing contract, and proof of meningococcal vaccine. Rooms are assigned on a space-availability basis, so do not delay.

Q. What qualifies me to be eligible for housing?

A. In order to be eligible to apply for a housing contract, RSU students must be currently enrolled or planning to enroll full time (12 credit hours). New students are encouraged to complete the admissions application process early.

Q. How are payments paid?

A. Payments need to be arranged through RSU online payment plan system. If your account is not paid in full by the end of the semester, a $50 late fee will be assessed.

Q. Does the Residential Life department close any of the complexes for academic breaks?

A. No, the Office of Residential Life allows students to reside in all three complexes while University is closed for academic breaks.