Oklahoma Military Academy

Rank of General

Oklahoma Military Academy Cadets who achieved the rank of general.

  • Major General Rollen Athis (1934) deceased
  • Major General William Burke (1941)
  • Brigadier General Clifford Druit (1954)
  • Brigadier General William Hamrick (1932) deceased
  • Major General Michael Kuehr (1968)
  • Major General Timothy Malishenko (1963)
  • Brigadier General Judson Miller (1943) deceased
  • Brigadier General Orlin L. Mullen (1961)
  • Lieutenant General Williams E. Potts (1941) deceased
  • Brigadier General Noah Preston Wood (1933) deceased

Lt. General William E. Potts, ‘41

Lt. General William E. PottsLt. Gen. Potts participated in 15 campaigns, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Although he was 19 when he completed his military training, he was commissioned as a U.S. Army Second Lieutenant within six weeks of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

After a promotion by Gen. George Patton, he became the youngest field grade officer to lead a battalion in Europe. He commanded an armored cavalry unit responsible for the East-West German border, the Fulda Gap, and the Frankfurt-Berlin autobahn.

He also served on the Army General Staff, the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the office of the Secretary of Defense, in joint, combined and Allied staff positions, and as the Army representative in the U.S. National Intelligence Community. Potts is deceased.