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May 10, 2013

College Women's Leadership Award Honors RSU Senior

A Rogers State University senior has been selected as one of 21 recipients of the College Women's Leadership Award—a national award for social activism and political engagement.

Lindsey Martin, a political science senior from Claremore, was the only Oklahoma student to receive the award that recognizes emerging young leaders who have exhibited outstanding leadership skills and a commitment to social activism or political engagement. The recipients of the award represent a diversity of political and social interests.

"It is clear to all of us who have had the pleasure to work with her that she has a very high level of maturity, intellectual curiosity and commitment to her studies," said Dr. Carolyn Taylor, RSU political science professor and RSU Strategic Initiatives Coordinator. "Lindsey has taken advantage of most every public service, academic and leadership opportunity she could find at RSU. Lindsey is the total package."

A member of the RSU Honors Program, Martin actively participated in the Student Government Association, the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature, the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority and the campus newspaper. She also has contributed countless hours of community service all while consistently maintaining a high GPA her entire college career. Earlier this year, Martin chosen to attend a seminar on the recent Presidential Inauguration with the Washington Center.

Martin said that she hopes the recognition will inspire citizens become more active in their government at the local level so they can realize their voices can be heard.

"I think more emphasis in U.S. politics should be placed on integrity and the importance that it has in strengthening bonds among individuals that are based on trust and honesty," she said.

The leadership awards are presented by Sugati Publications to honor exceptional college women student leaders and highlight the commitment, aspirations and potential of women in politics and social change. This theme, changing the future of politics, is also the focus of an upcoming book, "51%: Women and the Future of Politics" to be released later this year. The award recipients, including Martin, will be recognized in the book as "young women to watch in the future."

The book's author, Spahr Nelson, says, "These college women exemplify passion and characteristics of emerging leaders who are making a difference in our world. These are some truly noteworthy young women who will lead us into the future."

The book features exclusive statements from U.S. Congresswomen including Nancy Pelosi, former Senator Olympia Snowe and many other women leaders as well as comments from men and women across America.

For more information about the recipients, the award or the book, go to: