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Update: 5/16/2014: RSU no longer offers this plan.

August 12, 2010

RSU to Offer Student Health Insurance Plan

Rogers State University will now offer an injury and sickness insurance plan specifically designed for students.

The plan, offered through United Healthcare, provides a full range of benefits, tailored to the health needs of college students. Students also may enroll by the semester and have the option to add a spouse and children to their plan.

"We strongly recommend that all students have health insurance coverage to help avoid financial distress from unexpected medical expenses," said Lisa Martin, director of the RSU Health Center.

In addition to basic benefits such as emergency room care, hospitalization and physician's visits, the plan provides the following specialized services:

  • NurseLine: Toll-free access to a team of registered nurses any time of the day or night.
  • Emergency Medical Travel Assistance: Emergency medical assistance when traveling more than 100 miles from their permanent home or campus address.
  • Collegiate Assistance Program: Telephone and online counseling services for issues such as mental health, relationships, financial and legal problems.

Students must be enrolled in at least nine credit hours at one of RSU's three campuses to qualify for the plan.

To enroll online, visit, and click on "Find my School's Plan" to access RSU's insurance webpage.

The policy brochure is posted on the site providing a full description of coverage, benefits, restrictions, limitations, exclusions and terms. Students may also contact (800) 767-0700 or for more information.

For more information visit the RSU Student Health Center site.