RSU News

May 20, 2010

New RSU Radio Program ‘Culture Shock' to Debut June 3

A new program about unusual or strange occurrences in people's lives called "Culture Shock" will premiere from 4-6 p.m. Thursday, June 3, on RSU Radio, the radio station operated by Rogers State University.

The program, hosted by Karen Killowatt and Gary "Turbo" Webb, will air at 4 p.m. each Thursday on the station, located at FM 91.3.

"More and more television shows, movies and books are being written about the unusual, not just strange sightings or feelings, but also those cultural oddities or what some may consider ‘abnormal' or shocking," said Cathy Coomer, RSU Radio general manager. "But who's to say what is strange or odd, unique or just weird?"

In addition to sharing some of their own unusual findings, program hosts hope their listeners will share some of their own unusual stories as well.

To share an unusual experience, hobby or talent, send an email to the hosts at or call (918) 343-7913.