May 30, 2008

Equipment Failure Halts RSU Public TV Analog Broadcast

An equipment failure has left Rogers State University Public Television unable to broadcast on its analog (UHF) channel, but officials hope to restore service to some of its analog viewers early next week.

The restored analog signal will have a reduced reach because of equipment limitations and viewers outside of Claremore and Tulsa may not be able to view RSU Public TV, said Dan Schiedel, station manager.

Service to viewers receiving RSU Public TV digitally remains uninterrupted.

“We apologize to our viewers and are working to remedy the unexpected equipment failure to the best of our ability,” Schiedel said. “We are sorry that the fix will mean a decrease in service for some viewers, however, with the upcoming federally-mandated switch to digital television on February 17, 2009, it would not be fiscally responsible to invest in new analog equipment.”

Schiedel said he hopes this will serve as a reminder to television viewers to upgrade to a digital signal before all analog signals go off air early next year.

By law, television stations nationwide must turn off their analog signals on February 17, 2009 and broadcast exclusively in a digital format. To continue receiving free TV reception, the nearly 17 percent of Oklahoma households that rely on over-the-air broadcast programming on analog TV sets must either purchase new television sets with built-in digital tuners, purchase converter boxes that translate the digital signal into the analog format for older television sets, or subscribe to a pay TV service like cable or satellite.

The U.S. Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration is issuing each household up to two $40 coupons to help defray the cost of converter boxes.

For more information about the DTV transition, visit or call (888) 388-2009.

RSU Public TV broadcasts on UHF Channel 35, Tulsa and Claremore cable channel 19, DISH TV channel 35 and satellite systems across northeastern Oklahoma. More information is available by visiting or calling (800) 823-7210.