Meeting of Minds

Dexter Hardy with Dr. Hugh FoleyDr. Hugh Foley

Department of Fine Arts
Ph.D., English, Oklahoma State University
M.A., B.A., English, New York University

Author: “Oklahoma Music Guide”
Research: History of jazz in Oklahoma
Academic specialties: Oklahoma history, Native American culture and history, music appreciation, radio broadcasting, creative writing
Professional experience: Production Coordinator, NBC TV; Announcer, WNYU-FM in New York, Osaka FM in Japan, RSU Radio (91.3 FM)
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Dexter Hardy

Tulsa, Oklahoma
B.A., Communications

“I was at RSU for only a few months before I went on the air. Now I’m the host of my own radio show. I’ve really learned a lot from Dr. Foley. The experience has changed my life.”  – Dexter Hardy

Ever since he can remember, Dexter Hardy has had a passion for hip-hop and R&B music. At age 10, Dexter began writing lyrics and composing music for his own songs. His dream is to produce music for high-profile hip-hop and R&B artists while nurturing his own songwriting ability.

He enrolled at RSU to combine his academic interests with his goal to become a music producer. Dexter hosts a weekly hip-hop and R&B program on RSU Radio 91.3 FM – Oklahoma’s only alternative college radio station – where he spotlights the local music scene.

Helping him get his start in radio is Dr. Hugh Foley, who was in Dexter’s shoes 15 years ago when he interviewed popular music legends at New York University’s student radio station.