University Logos


The university’s official mascot, the “Hillcat,” is a unique blue and red animal that serves as a source of campus pride and provides a visual identity for the university’s Athletic, Student Activities, and other school spirit programs.  The Hillcat embodies the enthusiastic, determined and bold spirit of the university’s athletic programs and the pride our students and alumni feel for the institution.

The “Hillcat” is a fictitious cousin of the bobcat, which is indigenous to northeast Oklahoma. The” Hillcat” also draws its name from “College Hill,” a traditional nickname for RSU. The university sits atop a hill overlooking the city of Claremore.

The name “Hillcat” was conceived independently by a group of RSU students in spring 2005, and approved by the University Mascot Committee, Student Government Association, President, and Administration.

The “Hillcat” was developed and officially unveiled to the campus in 2005 by RSUPR – the university’s Office of Public Relations – with the assistance of SME Branding of New York, N.Y.

In the past, the predecessor institutions of RSU adopted various mascots and team monikers, including the Oklahoma Military Academy Cadets, Claremore Junior College Spartans, and Rogers State College Thunderbirds. Those names are fondly remembered, but present use is not permitted.