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Katelyn Crawford
ID Card Coordinator
Markham Hall, Room 206B

Hillcat Card Office

Lost ID Cards

  • Your initial Hillcat Card is FREE.
  • There is no charge for name, status or number changes or normal wear and tear that renders the magnetic stripe unreadable as long as the old card is presented for exchange.

Report a lost or stolen Hillcat card immediately to the ID Card Office at Markham Hall, Room 206.

  • Card Office personnel will verify if the card has been turned in and the location where it can be retrieved.
  • A lost card may only be picked up by the card owner upon presenting other picture ID.
  • If your card has not been turned in, the ID Card Office can, upon request, temporarily deactivate your card.
  • If you prefer, a replacement Hillcat card can be issued immediately, which will deactivate the lost card.
  • There is a replacement fee of $20.00, payable to the Bursar, before a new card can be issued.
  • You should also contact the RSU Police Department to report the loss or theft of a card by calling 918-343-7624.