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Hilltop Challenge

Maneuvering the new climbing wall.Climbing Wall

Do you have kids climbing the walls after a long winter indoors? Are you looking for something different to do for your child's birthday party? At a loss for how to entertain that scout troop?

The Climbing Wall, a new addition to RSU's Hilltop Challenge, may be the answer.

Dotted with colorful grips, the 30-foot wall is designed for climbers age six and up, and can accommodate two climbers at a time.

This is a great active alternative for a party and gets kids (and adults) outdoors!

The climbing wall is part of the Hilltop Challenge course, which is a mix of high and low elements including a zip line, platforms, logs, games, and activities. Staff members are trained to take a group through a set of activities designed to strengthen teams and individuals, using a combination of games, obstacle courses, and problem-solving activities.

The new wall can be included in the challenges groups tackle when they spend a half or a full day on the course.

Corporate leadership teams, volunteer organizations, schools, civic groups, church youth groups, sports teams, and families are just a fewof the groups that have benefitted from the Hilltop Challenge since it re-opened in 2008.

  • The course is designed for ages 10 and up
  • The climbing wall is designed for ages 6 and up
  • Full and half-day sessions can be tailored to your organization's needs
  • Minimum group size is 10
  • Discounts are available for nonprofit groups

A two-hour climbing wall party is $150 and nearby picnic benches make it a great place for birthday celebrations, church groups, and school groups.