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Director of Alumni
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Hillcub Program

First Lady, Peggy Rice, reading to 2nd graders at Claremont Elementary
First Lady, Peggy Rice, reading to 2nd graders at Claremont Elementary

RSU Reading Day

RSU Faculty, Staff and Students will read to a classroom or group of kids.

  • When: 1st and last Thursday of every month.
  • Sign up: Email Brandi Sutherland at and state the date and time you would like to volunteer for.


Tabitha Crouch, RSU Student
The staff, teachers, and students were all so welcoming and polite. The students were excited to have a visitor and I was happy to be a part of their excitement. I would definitely go back again to visit and volunteer.

Catherine Heimdale, RSU public Television
I had a lot of fun reading to a group of very enthusiastic 3rd graders at Claremont Elementary. The kids were attentive and really into the story, which made the experience all the more enjoyable as they laughed, giggled and gasped all through the story. I loved every minute!

Amos Marrero, RSU Student
When I read to the first grade boy he was very attentive, then he read the same book back to me, and I was able to help him sound-out the words and actually teach him how to read.  Watching the look on his face, the sense of accomplishment, was amazing!  I feel like I benefited tremendously from helping this little boy to read a single book.  You cannot put into words the great feeling that I felt from this experience.

Reneen White, Administrative Assistant, Health Sciences
I had such a great time reading to the kindergarten class at Claremont. They were thrilled to have someone come into their classroom and read them a story.  Being able to have this opportunity thoroughly made my day!  I read One Fish Two Fish by Dr. Seuss. The children interacted with the story and asked a lot of questions pertaining to the story. 

Katie Gray, RSU Student
I truly enjoyed sharing the joy of reading with the first graders and kindergarteners at Claremont Elementary. They were a wonderful audience! I am glad I got to share in Read Across America Week with them.

Derek Larkin, Head Men's and Women's Soccer Coach
I really enjoyed reading to the kids at Claremont. Having the opportunity to give back to the kids, means me a lot to me and our University. The kids at Claremont were awesome! They are going to make great Hillcats someday!!!!!!

Kelly Hicks, Director of Financial Aid
I walked into the 1st grade classroom at Claremont prepared to read to the students. The teacher handed me The Cat in the Hat.  The students helped me get seated and I opened the book. To my surprise, the students started reading to me! Since most couldn’t actually see the words, I believe they had a good part of the book memorized. So while I didn’t actually read TO them, I thoroughly enjoyed reading WITH them. They were a great group of students and I hope to read with them again!

Wilson Sprinkles, RSU Student
I had such a wonderful time reading to the students at Claremont Elementary School.  I loved seeing the joy on the kid's faces while I got to read, which is one of my favorite things to do!  It was a great time and I had a blast!

Ben Rincker, RSU Student
My experience participating in Reading Across America was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I read You'll Do Great Things by Dr. Seuss to two third grade classes. While waiting for the second class to join us, I asked the third-graders how their weekend was and received a variety of answers. One young girl proudly shared that she watched Justin Beiber's movie which drew a mixed reaction from her classmates. One young boy enthusiasticly recalled his dirt biking escapades from the weekend. When the second class joined us, I introduced myself and showed the book that I chose to read. Towards the end of the book Dr. Suess says that you can move mountains. One boy in the class raised his hand and inquisitively asked how a kid can move a mountain. Before I could respond a little girl said you can use your imagination to move a mountain. A boy on the front row exclaimed that if you try real hard you can move a mountain. The responses from these young children inspire me not only to try hard when moving a mountain, but also tap into my imagination.

Kyla Short, Director of Residential Life
Today, I read about the Presidents of the United States to a 2nd grade class. It was so encouraging that they all said that they wanted to be President one day. One little girl went further in saying that she will be President. I was impressed that they all had bright ideas of what the future would hold.

Joy Lin Hall, Director of Admissions
The kids in my 4th grade class were so fun and surprisingly profound.  At one point in the book, a student raised his hand and said, “One page can change everything.”  As a lover of books, I found this to be a great way to spend a few minutes of my day, and I plan to become a regular at RSU Reading Days!

First Lady Peggy Rice
The children were wonderful! Four second graders were waiting in the Principal’s office to take me to the library. They introduced themselves to me and shook my hand. The children were so excited and loved the books the teachers had chosen. They were very attentive and we had a wonderful time. They presented me with beautiful flowers and each wrote me a card. One student asked if I was going to read all the notes and I responded by telling them I certainly would read every note and save them in a book to always remember my first day with them. They are very special and I feel blessed to have spent time with them. It was a beautiful experience.

Sara Shepard, SGA Senator
Reading to Mrs. Massey's 3rd grade class was a wonderful experience! The children had a lot of fun and it was great to be able to be involved in their class, I look forward to volunteering again!