Hillcat Ally

Hillcat Allies

These Hillcats have signed the pledge and are recognized allies at Rogers State University.

  • Courtney Ellison, Resident Assistant
  • Chandler Cullip, Resident Assistant
  • Kirstein Stephenson, Resident Assistant
  • Essengo Goz, Resident Assistant
  • Joel Chapman, Resident Assistant
  • Bria Coleman, Resident Assistant
  • Garrett Grivette, Resident Assistant
  • Bre'Tachoney, Resident Assistant
  • Sara Beam, English and Humanities
  • Kristi Mallett, Employment/ Benefits
  • Renee Cox, English and Humanities
  • Christopher Rogers, Student
  • Rilee Hilleyshead, Bartlesville
  • Michael Eastwood, Bartlesville
  • Laci Kirk, Bartlesville
  • Jennifer Walker, Bartlesville
  • David Gay, Bartlesville
  • Ashley Brewer, Bartlesville
  • Kendel Layton, Bartlesville
  • RickyThompson, Bartlesville
  • Hannah Patton, Bartlesville
  • Kelsey Parks, Bartlesville
  • Kayla Tynj, Bartlesville
  • Amanda Cagle, Bartlesville