TAO OF SOCCER: Educational Version


This Web page overviews the ongoing development of the educational version of Tao of Soccer (TOS).

TOS is a research and educational software project that I have been working on since 2004. I believe that this software system could facilitate better learning in the Information Technology and/or Computer Science curricula.

It is meant that, by reusing same software project as learning object in the growing number of different courses, substantial time savings combined with the increasing gains are possible. 

More detail on this idea could be found in my presentation here: Integrating the Computer Science Curriculum by Reusing Soccer Simulation Game


1. Early History (late 1990-s - 2003)

2. Educational Version (since 2004)

3. TOS vs. the RoboCup Soccer Simulator

4.Getting Started with TOS 2.x

5. Downloads and Instructions

6. Suggested Exercises and Projects

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