Student Disability Services


Accommodations may be available for students with disabilities upon enrollment in the University and registration with Student Disability Services.


Students enrolled in a college or university are required to self-identify is they would like to request services on the basis of a disability. Students may self-identify by registering with Student Disability Services located in the Office of Student Affairs.


A student is considered a registered student with a disability upon:
  • enrollment in the University
  • completion of the Official Request for Accommodations Form
  • completion of the Student Services Agreement
  • provision of appropriate documentation of a disability completion of an interview with the Director of Student Development


Eligibility is determined on the basis of the presence of a disability and a need for services and accommodations to support an equal access to education.

Students are required to register and provide appropriate documentation of a disability before receiving accommodations or services.

Accommodations cannot be retroactive and begin only after documentation is received and a reasonable time for accommodation has been allowed.

Confidentiality-Special Information for Parents

Records and details regarding students with disabilities are protected. Students over the age of 18 are considered adults and are protected by FERPA. Parents should expect that conversations and information shared with Student Disability Services may not be shared with the parent unless the student signs a release of information.