Kaitlyn Daignault

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Kaitlyn DaignaultAbout Me

Adair, OK

B.S., Biology – Medical/Molecular
Rogers State University

Why I love my job:
I truly love RSU and all the opportunities students have while being here. Being a recruiter allows me to share this passion with students and show them all that RSU has to offer.

Favorite aspect of RSU:
I love how close-knit all the students and faculty are at RSU. It really is its own community.

Favorite spot on campus:
The art gallery in Baird Hall. I love getting to go and look at all the beautiful pieces that are made by students.

Favorite RSU Sport:
Hillcat Basketball!

Advice to prospective students:
Attending college is so much more than earning a degree. It is a time for you to learn more about yourself, develop new friendships, find what subjects you enjoy, and ultimately, have fun!

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn!

I am your University Recruiter. I fell in love with the atmosphere and camaraderie during my time as a student at RSU.

Coming from a smaller town, I love the close-knit community that RSU has to offer.

The professor-to-student ratio allows students to really get to know their professors and vice versa. The faculty at RSU truly cares about each student’s success during and after college.

During my time as a student I watched the campus grow and develop with new residential buildings, a new dining hall, the addition of new athletic sports, and campus organizations.

RSU has so much to offer students, whether that is academic scholarships, study abroad opportunities, or the chance to form lifelong friendships.

Becoming a Hillcat allows students to do so much more than just get a college degree.

While I was a student here I was able to participate in several organizations, study abroad in Spain, and have an on campus job in The Writing Center.

Because of my amazing experiences, I now have a passion for RSU and want to share it with you.

If you are interested in becoming a Hillcat, please contact me to set up a campus tour. I cannot wait to see you and show you around our beautiful campus.