Bea Vang

Name: Bea Vang


Phone Number: 918-343-7727

Title: University Recruiter

Department: Admissions

Office: Markham Hall, Room 212

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Bea VangAbout Me

Collinsville, OK

B.S., Biology – Medical/Molecular
Rogers State University

Why I love my job:
I am a huge fan of RSU and all that it has to offer to students. This position gives me an opportunity to meet new students and share a piece of RSU with them.

Favorite aspect of RSU:
“It’s Personal” at RSU! It’s great seeing familiar faces no matter where I am on campus.

Favorite spot on campus:
The Centennial Center. It’s a fun and lively place and there are always events going on in there.

Favorite RSU Sport:
Hillcat Basketball

Advice to prospective students:
College is more than just books and classes—it’s a bustling environment with plenty of opportunities to network, make friends, and grow. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Hi! My name is Bea!

I am your University Recruiter and I am also an RSU graduate!

My college experience at Rogers State University was enriching, positive, and fun.

I have met so many people during my journey that have become my closest friends.

During my time as a student, I was avidly active in campus events and student organizations and was able to interact with many different students.

I was a tutor in the Mathematics and Science department for three years. I most enjoyed helping students learn and succeed in and out of class.

My favorite thing about RSU is that ‘It’s Personal!’ Students are able to closely interact with their peers and professors and build long-lasting relationships. 

The faculty and staff at RSU are exceptionally supportive and willing to help students. We really are one big family at RSU!

I look forward to sharing more about RSU with you and answering any questions you may have about Becoming a Hillcat!