Human Resources

Policies & Procedures

Recruitment, Selection & Employment

2.1 Authorization

The request to hire a new employee or replace one who has terminated or retired is made by completing the appropriate portion of an Employee Request Form and routing the request through administrative approval channels.

The Employee Request Form must be accompanied by a detailed updated job description in standard University format. 

The search process may begin when the supervisor is notified by the Department of Human Resources that the employee request has been approved.

2.2 Advertising

The Department of Human Resources will post employment opportunities in its office and on the RSU web site. 

If an external search is deemed necessary, the Department of Human Resources will post the position as appropriate. If requested by the department, the advertisements will be placed in special publications or area specific (state or national) publications. The department will be responsible for the cost of these advertisements.

2.3 Selection

2.3.1 Direct Appointment
Direct appointments can be made with the approval of the President. This policy provides operational efficiency, equitable consideration, and opportunity for qualified employees to fill vacant positions at Rogers State University.

Direct appointments will be used when the field of eligible internal candidates is known, when a current employee has been effectively performing higher level duties for an extended period of time, or when the direct appointment is considered to be in the best interests of Rogers State University.

2.3.2 Employment Testing
Federal regulations require that employee selection testing, if prescribed by a department or the Human Resources Office, be validated to show a direct relationship between test results and job performance. Employment tests are not to be used until they have been approved by the Department of Human Resources.

2.3.3 Selection Committee
In the ongoing effort to attract and employ quality individuals, the University may decide to form selection committees to facilitate the hiring process.

2.3.4 Recruitment Record
All resumes should be mailed to the Department of Human Resources which, in turn, will forward a copy of the resume and a Recruitment Record Form  to the applicable department. The department should complete this form for all individuals interviewed and return it to the Human Resources Office as soon as the successful candidate is selected.

2.4 Employment

After verifying that University policy has been followed in the selection process, the applicable department will complete the appropriate sections of the Employee Transaction Form and route through administrative approval channels to the President for final approval.

The candidate must then complete the official employment process in the Human Resources Office.  It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure the Employee Transaction Form is fully executed and the employment process has been completed before an individual in his or her area begins employment.

2.5 Conditions of Employment

The following forms must be completed and on file in the Human Resources Office before the individual is authorized to begin employment. Other forms may be required in addition to those listed below. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that each new employee has completed the employment process in the Department of Human Resources.

2.5.1 Forms

  • Employee Transaction Form: No individual will be entered on the University payroll system until a fully executed and approved Employee Transaction Form has been received by the Department of Human Resources.
  • Loyalty Oath  : An act of the 1968 Oklahoma Legislature requires that each new University employee sign a Loyalty Oath. The requirement extends to all employees and must be satisfied before an individual can be paid on a state payroll.
  • Employee's Withholding Allowance Certification (W-4): All employees are required by federal law to complete and sign a W-4 form. Proof of a Social Security number is required for completion of the W-4 form.
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9): All persons employed after November 6, 1986, are required by federal law to complete Form I-9 and must provide certain documents to prove eligibility for employment.
  • Oklahoma New Hire Reporting Form (OES112) Form: The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act requires that each new employee complete a New Hire Report Form.
  • Demographic Data (Optional) Form  : Each employee will be given the opportunity to complete the Demographic Data Form to be used for reporting of affirmative action. (See "Affirmative Action," Section 9.2)
  • Acknowledgement of Understanding and Compliance with the Prevention of Alcohol Abuse and Drug Use on Campus and In the Workplace Policy  : All employees are required to sign an Acknowledgement of Understanding and Compliance with the Prevention of Alcohol Abuse and Drug Use on Campus and In the Workplace Policy.

2.5.2 Health Statement
Depending on the requirements of a particular position, the University may request a physical, psychological, or psychiatric examination from an applicant for employment when a job offer is extended. The cost for the examination will be paid by the University. Compliance with a request and completion of the exam with results meeting or exceeding the requirement for the position will be a condition of employment.

If the examination shows that the individual is unable to perform the essential job duties, with or without reasonable accommodation, the job offer may be withdrawn.

2.5.3 Background Check
The University reserves the right to make offers for certain positions contingent upon the completion of a background check. The background check may include criminal, and/or sexual offender, and/or motor vehicle records using OSBI and FBI criminal history reporting information. The individual must provide authorization by completing the background check release form  . The results of the background check will be revealed to the employer only as  “approved” or “not approved.”  The information will be kept confidential and separately from the application and will not be used except in cases of a job offer. If the background check results show “not approved,” the job offer may be withdrawn.

2.6 Follow-Up Letters

The Department of Human Resources is responsible for sending letters to unsuccessful applicants to notify them that the position has been filled.