Boy standing in front of library wearing backpack.Table of Contents

Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Expectations Policies
Rights and Responsibilities
Non-Academic Code of Conduct
Administration of Student Code
Requiring Administrative Action
Facility Use

Student Inclusion and Wellness Policies
Affirmative Action
Equal Opportunity
Equal Opportunity Grievance Procedure
Gender-Based Misconduct Policy for Students
Health Related Policies
Individuals with Disabilities
Non-Academic Criteria in Admission
Racial and Ethnic Harassment

Academic Policies 
Procedures for Student Records (FERPA)
Code of Academic Conduct
     (Academic Policies & Procedures Manual pages 57-70)
Student Appeals Concerning English Proficiency of Faculty
     (Academic Policies & Procedures Manual pages 34-35)
Final Grade Appeal Process
     (Academic Policies and Procedures Manual pages 70-72)
Two-Year and Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

Campus Public Safety and Vehicle Policies 
Department of Campus Public Safety
Parking and Vehicle Registration
Traffic Regulations

Technology Policies 
Computer Use 
Cable TV and Telephone Use


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