Community 111-213

Katlin Terry
I like to help people!

Katlin Terry
Nursing Major
Tulsa, OK

Hey guys! My name is Katlin. I graduated high school in 2014 from Booker T. Washington. I am currently a junior here at RSU and this will be my first year as an RA but second year working with Residential life.

I am a Nursing major and will be starting my first year of the Nursing program in the fall. After receiving my BSN I want to become a Travel Nurse.

Something about me is that I like to help people in any way I can, so if you need anything don’t be afraid to drop by and ask. I also like listening to music, reading, shopping and just hanging out with friends.

As an RA, I hope to get to know my residents and make staying on campus enjoyable for your remaining time here. 

I hope you guys have a great year and enjoy your time here at RSU! Again if you need anything just let me know!

Community 214-236

Kiera Parker
I collect game consoles!

Kiera Parker
Biology-Medical/Molecular Major

My name is Kiera Parker and I attend Rogers State University as a Biology Medical Molecular major.

My hobbies include writing, art, running, listening to rock music, and learning as much as I can (whether I’m in school or not). I also love a good game of Pokemon-Go, or just really good video game in general. I’m collector of all things nerdy, and game consoles is one of them.

If you ever need help staying active or want to simply kick back and relax, I’m your girl. I’m a people person and love helping others, so being your study buddy isn’t something I’m against, either.

After college, I hope to become a geneticist, an author, and a mother who can somehow manage to juggle all of those things. College is a great place to figure out what you want to do with your life and who you want to perhaps do it with, so good luck to you guys and I’m here if you need me!

Community 311-333

Daniel Dake
I am a guy that enjoys many things!

Daniel Dake
Community Counseling Major

Hey guys, welcome to RSU! My name is Daniel. I’m studying Community Counseling as well as Philosophy in hopes of gaining some ground in perhaps understanding the way human beings are and how they think.

I am a guy that enjoys many things for fun like video games and board games. I especially like running around playing Pokémon Go! I enjoy reading and participating in our campus activities such as volleyball. If you like to play Risk, catch them all in Pokémon, Halo or the Classic Star Wars Battlefront 2 give me a call. I plan to have a ton of hang outs throughout the semester – everyone is welcome!

Since my early days at this grand university I have been enjoying the wonderful, family-like community of Chi Alpha. I have been involved in a good bit of research within my pursuits in Philosophy and welcome anyone who may need help with class. If you are in search of a good read or a friendly, but challenging philosophical chat I welcome you as well.

This is my first year as an RA, but I have gained significant experience and knowledge concerning residential life, for I worked with this department as a student worker in a prior semester. We may find ourselves welcomed by a rigorous and difficult semester ahead, but I encourage you to persevere. I have found that we all need help sometimes, and sometimes we may find ourselves without anyone to support us in difficulty. If you find yourself lacking in any support or need any help I welcome you to knock on my door; I’ll try my best to be a listening ear and a support in any way I can.

Community 334-434

Alex Smith
I’m a gym junkie!

Alex Smith
Sport Management-Fitness Management Major
Pryor, OK

Hey everyone, my name is Alex! I graduated from Pryor High School in 2013. I am a senior here at RSU majoring in Fitness Management. This is my second year as a RA and I’m excited to get know all of you.

Some fun facts to know about me is that I’m a gym junkie, Batman fan, football fanatic, video gamer, and I basically watch just about anything.

If you ever want to play some games or watch some TV or movies come on over. If you want advice on supplements come see me at GNC here in Claremore. Also I’m always looking for a workout partner so come lift with me at the Rec Center.

I’m currently involved in Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and Residential Life here at RSU, but hope to find some more organizations to get involved in during my time here. I hope to make the residents here at RSU feel welcomed and comfortable in their home away from home. If you ever need anything come see me. Let’s have a great time on the HILL!