Adult Students

Adult Degree Completion Program

If you once attended college, but didn’t complete your degree, Rogers State University has a new program just for you. Read more about the Adult Degree Completion Program.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens 65 years of age and older (also known as classic students) are welcome to audit courses at Rogers State University. The following rules are applicable to the senior citizen or classic student:

  • Proof of age (driver license) must be presented for admission and to obtain tuition waivers. Tuition waivers are available at the Enrollment Center.
  • Auditing a course is contingent upon space available in the classroom or laboratory.
  • Course fees are charged per credit hour. Please refer to the tuition section of your class schedule, current RSU catalog or the Tuition & Fees page for further information concerning current charges for course fees.
  • As with all courses that are audited, the audit status is used for the student not interested in obtaining a course grade, but who is enrolled simply to gain course information. No college credit is given for auditing a course.
  • Follow these steps to apply