Bachelor of Science in Social Science

Scott Mossman ’16
BS Social Science: Psychology

Scott Mossman
“I work for an outpatient mental health center in St. Joseph, Missouri as a caseworker and behavioral counselor. I appreciated the internship courses I took through RSU, including one at a mental health center similar to where I work now. The experience gave me an understanding of what my job would look like. RSU was the perfect fit for me to finally finish my degree.”

  • Option: Environmental Studies
  • Option: Psychology
  • Option: Sociology

The Bachelor of Science in Social Science degree is a multi-disciplinary degree that stresses competence in written and oral communications and scientific reasoning and thinking skills.

All students complete supervised internships and work experience.

The degree provides an excellent foundation for careers in general management, counseling, human services, health care, recreation, and law enforcement.

The degree also provides a solid foundation for professional or graduate studies.