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Alisabeth Narcomey
Administrative Assistant
Preparatory Hall, Room 202

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School of Liberal Arts

Message from the Dean

Dr.The heart of any university worthy of the name beats in its program of general education.

It is where students learn the writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills that enable them to master their more specialized fields of study.

It is where they gain an in-depth knowledge of their history, the workings and intricacies of economic and political life, and the beauties of higher culture.

It also is where they are exposed to sophisticated analyses of the physical and social world around them.

The RSU School of Liberal Arts is proud of its contribution to the university’s general education program and the wide variety of bachelor and associate degrees we offer. The School pledges to be ever vigilant in maintaining its quality and rigor in preparing students for a life of learning.

Dr. Frank Elwell
Dean and Professor, School of Liberal Arts