Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Picture of Clem Ohman, instructor and student Kenneth Brull standing by an ambulance box in the classroom.Facilities

The RSU EMS Program is the only program in eastern Oklahoma to have a real ambulance in the classroom.

The ambulance box is an invaluable tool for our students.

RSU student Kenneth Brull spent many hours working on the decommissioned ambulance and a plan to squeeze it through a window of the classroom. Read more about his plan, watch a video and see pictures of the move.

RSU’s Department of Health Sciences also maintains dedicated facilities that provide our students with real-world environments for medical instruction.

Our on-site facilities are among the best in the state and include:

  • EMS Lab (stocked with up-to-date equipment)
  • CPR Lab
  • Nursing Lab
  • Birthing Suite
  • Home Living Lab