Course Descriptions


MGMT 3013 Principles of Management

A management course with emphasis on business ethics, management principles, and theory, along with current management practices as they relate to human behavior. (Formerly BMA 3013)

MGMT 3233 Human Resources Development

Distinguishes between training and development and addresses the functions and needs for organizational and individual training. Prerequisite: MGMT 3313.

MGMT 3303 Organizational Behavior

Approaches the functions and problems of management from a behavioral viewpoint. Examines individuals and groups in effective organizations and integrates these concepts with organizational structure and process considerations. Prerequisite: MGMT 3013.

MGMT 3313 Human Resources Management

Studies the functions of Human Resources and its role in the management of organizations. Selected theories, concepts, and principles of HR will be studied and applied in the context of the current business environment. Prerequisites: MGMT 3013 and MGMT 3303.

MGMT 3323 Compensation and Benefits

Compensation issues in organizations including: determining general wage and salary structure, total compensation systems, equity issues, legal issues, employee benefits administration, and theoretical issues. Prerequisite: MGMT 3313.

MGMT 3333 Employment and Labor

Management techniques for the administration of labor agreements, collective bargaining and union management relations, and evaluation of labor relations in union and non-union organizations. Prerequisite: MGMT 3313.

MGMT 3353 Organizational Theory

The design and interrelationships of formal organizations and the communication needs for efficiency and effectiveness. (Formerly BMA 3353)

MGMT 3413 Production/Operations Management

Analyzes the different tools used by management to improve the decision-making process in production functions. Topics include productivity, strategy, decision making, quality improvement, work measurement, and project management. Prerequisites: ACCT 2103, ACCT 2203, ECON 2123, BADM 2843, and BADM 3113.

MGMT 3423 Management Information Systems

Analyzes the use of information systems for management decision making. Examines traditional information systems development from the end-user 's perspective. Prerequisites: MGMT 3013 and CS 1113.

MGMT 4033 Entrepreneurship

Examines the fundamentals of organizing a small business. Topics include entrepreneurship, the business plan, strategic planning, forms of ownership, marketing, pricing, cash flows, financial planning, and ethical and legal concerns in business. Prerequisites: ACCT 2103, ACCT 2203, ECON 2123, BADM 2843, BADM 3113, and MGMT 3013.

MGMT 4333 Selection and Evaluation

Theoretical, legal, methodological, and substantive issues related to selection and performance appraisal of employees. Includes job analysis and validation, test development and administration, adverse impact analysis, and affirmative action. Prerequisite: MGMT 3313.

MGMT 4413 Quantitative Methods

Studies management science/operations research techniques used in analytical decision making. The major topics covered include: linear programming modeling and solution, distribution problems, network models, project management, and decision analysis. Prerequisites: ACCT 2103, ACCT 2203, ECON 2123, BADM 2843, and BADM 3113.

MGMT 4813 Strategies and Policies

Capstone experience that studies strategic management, including environmental analysis, strategy formulation and implementation, administrative policy, and the strategic control process. Analyzes problems confronted by upper-level managers and applies concepts from prior business courses. Prerequisites: BADM 3323, BADM 3333, FINA 3503, MGMT 3413, MGMT 3423, MGMT 4033, and MKTG 3113.

MGMT 5133 Organizational Behavior and Design

Leadership skills for managers. Emphasizes development of a high performing organization through the study of leadership theory and practices, organization culture, motivation, decision-making, and group behavior.