Course Descriptions


COMM 1003 Introduction to Mass Communication

An introductory survey of the role of mass media in modern society with particular emphasis on critical evaluation of the press, radio, and television. A study of the scope, history, growth, development, practices, ethics, and legal concerns of mass communication. Special attention is given to radio and television, FCC, federal regulatory agencies, and station/network operations. (Formerly BRDC 1003)

COMM 1123 Interpersonal Communications

Study of the theories and practices necessary to develop interpersonal communication skills in both personal and professional relationships, with emphasis on improving verbal and nonverbal techniques for developing and maintaining clear communication between two people. (Formerly SPCH 1123)

COMM 1713 Voice and Articulation

Basic investigation of the structure and function of the vocal apparatus. Analysis of sounds (phonemes) of the English language through the study of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Emphasis on improving vocal sound, articulation, and pronunciation through various techniques and exercises. (Formerly SPCH 713)

COMM 2003 Video Production

An overview of cameras, recording, editing, audio for television, lighting, electronic graphics, and studio production control will e provided. Skills will be developed in all areas of television production and related concepts. Prerequisite: COMM 1003. (Formerly BRDC 1213)

COMM 2013 Audio Production

Practical applications are required in the study of audio production within the University' s radio station. Student will develop audio production skills both in pre-production and live announcing studios. Prerequisite: COMM 1003. (Formerly BRDC 1223)

COMM 2243 Public Speaking

Analysis and practice in the composition and delivery of speeches with various purposes in diverse settings, including examination of rhetorical criteria for evaluation of content and presentation. Study of celebrated speeches and speakers. Prerequisite: PCH 1113. (Formerly SPCH 2243)

COMM (HUM) 2413 Theatre Appreciation

A survey and analysis of theatre history, literature, and practices elating to the theatre as a social force. This course explores the fundamentals of understanding and enjoying theatrical performances through an examination of dramatic forms, theatre development, and theatrical artistic elements.

COMM 2433 Stagecraft

Fundamentals of set construction including introduction to technical skills and techniques to mount theatrical productions, scenery construction and painting, basic stage lighting, theatre architecture, and stage elements. Creation of set and technical elements for a theatre program production is included. (Formerly RAM 1213)

COMM 2523 Acting

Designed to acquaint the beginning actor with the fundamentals f acting. This course explores the physical, vocal, emotional, and technical aspects of the actor 's craft. The student will learn a basic approach to scene and character study through exercises, scene work, and theatre games.

COMM 2703 Radio/Television

Announcing he interpretation of radio and television copy, including news, feature scripts, sports, and commercials. Special emphasis on helping students develop their voice and presentation. Prerequisite: COMM 2013. (Formerly BRDC 1023)

COMM 2723 Small Group Discussion

Study of effective communication techniques and procedures in problem-solving groups, with special emphasis on group roles, norms, and skills. Analysis of various leadership styles and techniques in group communication settings. Prerequisite: SPCH 1113. (Formerly SPCH 2723)

COMM 2801 Audio Practicum

Field experiences providing learning through participation in tasks in an audio/radio facility. Prerequisite: instructor s permission.

COMM 2811 Video Practicum

Field experiences providing learning through participation in tasks in a video/television facility. Prerequisites: COMM 2801 and instructor s permission. (Formerly BRDC 2503 and BRDC 2513)

COMM 2821 Mass Media Practicum

Field experiences providing learning through participation in tasks in either video or audio facilities. Placements are arranged to perform tasks that are at a higher level of skill and responsibility than those performed in COMM 2801 or COMM 2811. Prerequisites: COMM 2811 and instructor s permission.

COMM 3023 Writing for the Media

Thorough study of short-form and long-form media writing, story development, and coverage of all forms of media writing and journalism. Prerequisite: COMM 1003. (Formerly BRDC 2103)

COMM 3033 Corporate Media Production

This course will develop media materials from corporate videos, public relations campaigns, annual reports, and marketing materials. Students will critique materials, engage in proposal preparation and preproduction activities, and produce selected products as appropriate. Prerequisite: COMM 1003.

COMM 3113 Public Relations Strategies

A learning and portfolio intensive class that contains an in-depth examination of the function and practice of public relations cam-pains. Emphasis is on public opinion and mass media, and their direct application to public relations campaigns. The student will document the development of a large-scale public relations cam-pain. Prerequisite: COMM 1003.

COMM 3173 News Reporting

An examination of styles and techniques of television and radio news reporting and research with a major focus on writing skills. Emphasis is placed on research, development, composition, and presentation of radio/television news stories. Prerequisites: COMM 1003 and COMM 3023. (Formerly BRDC 2173)

COMM 3233 Media Sales and Advertising

This course covers the techniques of selling a variety of media with special focus on radio and television advertising, including discussions of media coverage and circulation, use of spot advertising, media mix, and varied techniques for assessing and promoting effectiveness. Prerequisite: COMM 1003.

COMM 3253 Argumentation and Persuasion

Study of the rhetorical and psychological theories used in dis-course to effect change in attitude, belief, and policy and to construct valid and compelling arguments, with applications in policy making, legal decision making, and personal inquiry. Fundamentals of argumentation, historical and current, are explored. Prerequisite: SPCH 1113. (Formerly SPCH 3253)

COMM 3413 Media Law

Includes media-related U.S. Supreme Court decisions, historical decisions, changes in communication laws, and FCC regulatory revisions. Prerequisite: COMM 1003. (Formerly BRDC/COMM 2293)

COMM 3613 Mass Media Communication

Analysis of the theories and effects of the mass communication process. Includes examination of examples and effects of the media as related to our political system, children s programming, judicial system, talk shows, advertising, and new technologies. (Formerly BRDC 3613)

COMM 3713 Communication Research Methods

Introduction to quantitative and qualitative techniques applied to subjects such as media and cultural studies, argumentation, public relations, and organizational and group communication. Emphasizes techniques of research design, instrumentation, data collection/analysis, reporting, and critical evaluation. Prerequisite: COMM 1003.

COMM 3753 Advanced Broadcast Practicum

Advanced field experience providing learning through participation in a broadcast facility with an emphasis in both the practical and ethical responsibilities in producing a televised message. May be repeated once. Prerequisite: COMM 2003. (Formerly COMM 3750)

COMM 3833 Communications Theory

Survey of communications theory in interpersonal, mass media, and organizational contexts.

COMM 3853 Sports Broadcasting

Examines and applies journalistic and performance techniques to reporting sports in broadcasting outlets. Areas of coverage will include play-by-play, color commentary, production, and other elements to create a successful broadcast. May be repeated for up to 6 hours. Prerequisite: COMM 2013.

COMM 3883 New Media and Society

An examination of new media communication and the emergence of digital technologies in social and cultural contexts. Prerequisite or corequisite: COMM 1003.

COMM 4103 Directing

Introduction to fundamentals of directing principles; theoretical and practical skills directors use to mount theatrical productions; use of movement, space, composition, and focus to communicate idea; character and thought; and practical skills of casting, scheduling rehearsals, selecting material, and working with other theatre artists. Prerequisite: COMM 2413.

COMM 4153 Nonverbal Communication

Study of the research on nonverbal behavior, with emphasis on variations and effects in various roles, cultures, social groups, and settings. Prerequisites: SPCH 1113 and COMM 1123. (Formerly SPCH 4153)

COMM 4163 Global Communication

Analysis of major global communication theories and research of the evolving communication systems and practices in different nations. Special emphasis on cultural, economic, political, legal, and technological impacts of information communication media. This course will also involve training for foreign assignments. Prerequisite: COMM 1003. (Formerly SPCH 4163)

COMM 4203 Media Management

Legal, social, management, and programming aspects of print media, and radio-television-cable management. Prerequisites: 18 credit hours of COMM courses and senior standing.

COMM 4223 Communication in Organizations

Study of communication in complex human organizations. Course relates communication to values, leadership, and uses of power in such organizational contexts as media business and professional, social, educational, and political groups. Prerequisite: COMM 1003.

COMM 4253 Broadcast Internship

Field experience at a professional broadcast site with an emphasis in both the practical and ethical responsibilities in producing a mass media message. Students are required to document intern-ship activities. Prerequisites: Junior standing and instructor s permission.

COMM 4283 Corporate Communication

Internship In-depth practical field experience at a corporate communication division within a corporation, public relations firm, or advertising agency. Designed for junior or senior students. Students are required to document internship activities. Prerequisites: Junior standing and/or instructor s permission.

COMM 4323 Women and Minorities in Media

Survey of past and present relationships between women and racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S. and the media. Media portrayal, employment, ownership, and access will be studied.

COMM 4513 Script Writing

Students will learn the basic craft of script writing and creating an environment that encourages the writer s exploration of their individual voice. Prerequisite: ENGL 2023.

COMM 4623 Documentary Production

Writing, research, video photography, video editing, aesthetics, and analyses for longer-form video productions and documentaries. Field work required. Prerequisite: COMM 3753 or instructor s permission.

COMM 4913 Senior Capstone

Specialized projects emphasizing the student s cumulative academic experience. Will include portfolio preparation, exams, and oral reports. Senior status required in Communications.