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Sign up for emergency alertsOklahoma weather can be severe and difficult to predict.

It is important to keep abreast of the weather outside and the twenty-four hour forecast.

The City of Claremore maintains a citywide civil defense warning siren network that is used to signal imminent danger from tornadoes. 

A steady siren for 3-5 minutes means imminent danger

Take shelter immediately in the nearest suitable shelter location.

  • Seek Shelter:
    • Your shelter location should be planned ahead of time.
    • Located in interior spaces of buildings away from windows and exterior walls and preferably on the lowest floor possible.
  • Once the Sirens Sound:
    • It is too late to seek shelter at a remote location.
    • If you are aware of dangerous weather advancing toward your location before the sounding of the siren, you may choose to seek shelter elsewhere.
    • It is important in these situations to base your decisions on public weather advisories and warnings disseminated by nearby local media outlets.

Tornado Warning Issued

When a tornado warning is issued for the Claremore area by the National Weather Service (NWS), the public broadcast media or any Tulsa television stations, or the sounding of the civil defense warning sirens, please do the following:

  • Proceed immediately to your nearest shelter area.
  • Go to the lowest level in your building away from doors and windows. (If accessible, the basement area is best.)
  • Student Apartment Complex – go to the lowest level, using the rooms on the north/east section.
  • Minimize danger from flying debris, close doors around your area and stay away from windows.
  • If you cannot get to a lower level, seek immediate shelter in any bathroom.
  • If needed, RSUPD will unlock the basement of the Will Rogers Auditorium.
  • Remain in the shelter area until the storm front clears the areas or the public broadcast media provides an all-clear signal.
  • RSUPD suggests you take a battery-operated radio or have access to a TV in your shelter area.

National Weather Service (NWS) Terminology

  • Severe Thunderstorm:
    • Wind gusts of 50 knots (58 mph) or greater and/or hail three quarters of an inch in diameter or larger.
  • Damaging Wind:
    • Sustained or gusty surface winds of 60 mph or greater.
  • Tornado:
    • A violent local storm of short duration with high-speed wind rotation about a vortex with a funnel extending from the base of the clouds to the ground.
  • Funnel Cloud:
    • A tornado-type funnel extending downward from the clouds but not touching the ground.
  • Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm Watch:
    • Issued by the National Weather Service when conditions for a tornado or severe thunderstorm are favorable in the named area.
  • Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm Warning:
    • Issued by the NWS when a tornado or severe thunderstorm has been sighted visually or detected by radar. 
    • The location, direction, and speed of movement of the storm are provided. 
    • Residents of the specified area should take immediate safety precautions.
  • Tornado Warning Issued:
    • When a tornado warning is issued for the Claremore area by the NWS, the public broadcast media or any Tulsa televisions station, or the sounding of the civil defense warning sirens.