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Preparing for the Future

By student Annette Lopez

Sitting silently in a company’s lobby awaiting an interview is often an anxiety-ridden moment.  Perhaps the setting is something different; the countdown to a phone call that could make or break an opportunity with an international corporation, the casual meeting at a public place to discover an individual’s work ethic, or the moment when a resume is handed over and the mind races to reassure that all relevant information was included.

Preparing to enter into a career can be an intimidating prospect to college students.  At Rogers State University, Kimberly Lopez is equipped as Career Services Coordinator to assist students in doing just that and obtaining the confidence and preparedness needed to succeed.

Of the benefits that students can obtain from visiting and becoming acquainted with Career Services, Kimberly says that "The exciting part of my job is that every student has his or her own goals, and I strive to help everyone achieve those goals, regardless of whether they want to find a career or graduate school opportunity locally or internationally,” adding, "I utilize local, national, and international career resources to help students pursue the careers of their dreams.”

In a climate of uncertain economic condition, it is important for students to make themselves aware of the resources that Career Services has to offer early in their academic pursuits.  These resources are also available to alumni of Rogers State University.  "I advise students and alumni one-on-one and help them develop a career search strategy to achieve their personal and professional goals,” said Kimberly.

The role of the Career Services Coordinator extends towards many specific pursuits for students to take part of.  Resume and cover letter reviews, and mock interviews are just a small sample of the advantages that RSU students can participate in.  "I host many employers to campus for information sessions, on-campus interviews and career fairs.  And finally, I manage our online career site,, where students and alumni can post resumes and apply for jobs any time, any place,” states Kimberly.

Establishing a relationship with RSU Career Services is an important part of the college experience that students and alumni both can partake in.  The potential for advancement is limitless if individuals assert themselves to exercise the opportunities set before them.