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So Much Change, In Such Little Time

By student Julie Husong

Rogers State University is changing very fast and for the better.  Over the past year in general there have been several new additions to the RSU campuses.  One of the biggest additions is the Centennial Center that is located at the main campus in Claremore.  The new Centennial Center is a place that consists of meeting rooms, a 24-hour computer lab, bookstore and several other attractive places.  The reasoning behind the name the Centennial Center is that 2009 marked the 100 year anniversary of Rogers State University.  The new building is something that will bring students together and the best part of the building is the beautiful grand ballroom that has a breathtaking overview of the city and Douglas Lake.  Another mentionable new addition to the historical campus is the Centennial clock that stands tall next to the new Centennial Center.  Located on the Pryor Campus is a bigger and improved building that was built this past year that doubled the size of the building, the new rooms consist of office rooms, classrooms and a computer lab for the students.   

Just in a couple years there have been huge changes and increased student interest and participation on campus.  A big demand for an expansion of Greek life on campus is something that has been seen.  This past year there have been two additions to the Greek life on campus.  The organizations Sigma Tau Gamma and Alpha Sigma Alpha have been added to the existing Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpha Sigma Tau.  The music scene on campus is expanding with the addition of choir.  Concerts featuring jazz band and the choir are held on campus now. 

Brittany Benson is a student at the Claremore campus that has been enrolled over the years and has witnessed the changes of Rogers State University first hand.  One new tradition that has been added since she has been a student at RSU is Homecoming.  Benson explains by saying "Homecoming has been one of the drastic changes on campus and will have a lasting impact on the lives of RSU students; not only were there RSU students involved, but also high school students that came to observe, which meant they got to see the spirit of the Hillcats”.  Speaking of Hillcat spirit, Benson also comments on the expansion of the athletic team by saying, "there has also been a big expansion of the athletic department; I enjoy going out and supporting the Hillcats as they represent RSU with the red, white and blue!”.  Over the past year the athletics teams has really had a huge impact on the University.  The men’s basketball team finished the year off being ranked number 1 in the NAIA division. Next fall there will be a RSU golf team, which will be the latest addition to the athletic department.

One of the coolest things that has happened since Benson has been a student is that it is definitely a growing university and she brings up a good point by saying "while being here at RSU, one thing that I have noticed is that the student body has become more diverse over the years and also now there are several international students”.  Also student involvement is something that has definitely increased with all the new additions to the university.  Since Benson has been a consistent member of the SGA on campus and currently holding the position of SGA secretary, she comments that "while being involved in SGA I’ve also noticed that both the Pryor and Bartlesville campus have become more active and have representatives as senators from both campuses”.

Benson is really excited about the continuing Centennial celebrations that are to be held, while also being excited about upcoming student body additions, "I’m excited to see what the new Campus Activities Team (C.A.T.) has in store for the student body; I’m looking forward to the trips and vacations that will be planned”.

I have been at Rogers State University and have witnessed the changes first hand as well.  When I first came to Rogers State University they weren’t known as the "Hillcats”, there was little student involvement, and definitely no Centennial Center.  I have been here to see everything, from the old buildings that held memories being torn down to new buildings that will hold new memories being built.  I have witnessed new athletic programs being added and even new traditions, such as Homecoming.  Rogers State University has impacted my life tremendously.  I have never once regretted coming to RSU and being a student here and witness to the change.  I have met some of my closest friends here and I have had an awesome experience.  Something that makes Rogers State University stand apart from other universities is that from my experiences here, I can really tell that the professors really do care about the students.  Students aren’t just a number here, they really matter.