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RSU Student Goes to Washington

By student Doug Wittman

Not only will a new president be moving to Washington D.C. but so is RSU student Candice Nivison. Nivison may have started her degree here at Rogers State University, but now will be finishing it at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. She will be going as part of an internship program that RSU offers to a select group of students each year.  She is very excited.  "I'm ready to start packing right now,” exclaimed Nivison.

With this new opportunity she has already started planning things to do when she gets there. "I'm ready for all of the free museums down there. I'm gonna pick a different Smithsonian exhibit every weekend and go tour it to my heart’s content.”

Although she is very excited to leave for the internship, there are some things at RSU she will be missing.  "I'm a little sad I will not get to see the new student services center as much as I'd like to. And I'm going to miss a lot of the people here and a lot of the professors.” 

There are still a few weeks left of interviews before she will know where she will be interning, but until then she will be enjoying her time as a Hillcat.