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Unemployment Rates

By student Ryan Floyd

It’s the goal of every student in college, to earn a degree and find a job. But with the economic uncertainty facing the nation, that goal may be easier said than done.

Bree Bedsworth is a senior at Rogers State. She says she had not even considered the effects of the financial crisis. "You know, I really hadn’t thought a lot about it, but it is kind of scary. I guess I just always figured I’d find a job straight out of college,” said Bedsworth.

This year October saw a dramatic increase in the nation’s unemployment rate. The Labor Department recently released these statistics. In that month roughly 2-hundred-and-forty-thousand jobs were lost. This leaves the unemployment rate at 6-and-a-half percent.

RSU freshman Gary Webb is looking for answers. "Wow! I hadn’t heard that it was that high. But yeah man, I just hope that everything shapes back up in the next couple of years before I graduate. I’m sure Obama can handle it,” says Webb. 

Whether or not our new President Elect can fix the financial crisis has yet to be determined. But students here at Rogers State University and all over the nation may need to start preparing for a grueling job hunt.

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