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Student and Coach Reunited

By student Marcus O'Brien

Playing sports while growing up to most kids is an activity for fun and exercise, but when your coach keeps you around, it can lead to an education.

RSU Soccer player, Luke Helm has returned to play for his old club soccer coach, Derek Larkin. Coach Larkin brought him on to play forward for a new found RSU soccer team last year.

Helm is going for a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management.  "The toughest thing about playing soccer for RSU and taking classes would be keeping up with my academics,” Helm stated.

Helm practices five days a week for an hour and a half, and plays nineteen soccer games in a single season. It is the former NSU student’s second year here, and he hopes to excel in both sports and academics for RSU until he graduates.  "I would love to play soccer in the major leagues, but at least I have sports management to fall back on, if I don’t make it,” Helm said.

Helm is currently enrolled in fifteen hours of courses and is receiving athletic scholarships to help pay for his tuition. Who would have known sports at a young age could end up paying for your education.