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Soccer Player Overcomes Adversity and Distance

By student Luke Helm

Times can be hard no matter where you are and my good friend Des Fitzgerald moved here from England because he needed a change in his life. Things were becoming very tough back home. Des says, "My Parents were fighting a lot and my family was having huge financial problems. That’s when I decided I needed a change in my life.”

This is a huge decision, especially when you move across the whole world. "This was a huge decision in my life but something told me it was a good one. I’m here at Rogers State University now, and I’m getting all my school  paid for and I’m getting a chance to play soccer which is the love of my life,” Des says.

The way Des got here is a miracle in my eyes. He played in the same Dallas soccer tournament as I did and our coach Derek Larkin saw him and picked him up right away. It was very crazy how things happened.  The only thing that worried me is I thought Des would get home sick and miss his family. Des says, "Trust me there are times where I feel home sick and miss my family a lot, but since I’ve been gone things are getting better at home and I’m getting a very good education.”

Des has become one of my best friends and has helped me through a lot of things in my life. He is a very unique person and someone I will always look up to. This was very interesting to interview just one person and actually get to know their background. There were a lot of things I found out about Des that I had no clue about. There was a lot more background information about Des, and it really shocked me. After all the things Des went through he has showed that he is a very strong person and he can get through anything.