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Psi Chi's Long-term Effects Are Showing

By student Kyle Olson

Battered and bruised, Sandy Wilson came to Oklahoma in hopes to start her life over. In our previous report we heard of how the RSU honor society PSI CHI affected her directly. The group’s affiliation with SafeNet in Claremore got her on her way to her fresh start. She agreed to give us an update on what’s been happening since.

"I am doing a lot better since the last time we talked, I have two jobs and I found a place I could afford, Wilson said.”

After all she had been through; I asked Ms. Wilson if SafeNet gave her a much needed jumpstart.

"Absolutely, I am so grateful for what that place did for me. And no, I haven’t stopped thanking all the donors in my prayers, she said.”

Sandy Wilson got a valuable lesson over everything that has happened over the last couple of months.

"Just don’t take anything for granted. Just realize there are no certainties and everything can be taking away in a heartbeat. Learn to appreciate what you have, when you have it,” she stated.

After the interview with Sandy Wilson, I spoke will PSI CHI member Mia Pratte.  "It’s great to know we are making an impact. I was recently expected to join PSI CHI and this exactly why I wanted to join. It’s an honor society that takes helping others to the next level,” Pratte said.

PSI CHI not only has short-term effects on people, but also long-term. To help PSI CHI change lives, contact faculty advisor Dr. Kevin Woller at