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President's Leadership Class

By student Ryan Floyd

You've already made one very important choice, to attend Rogers State University. And by now you've probably begun to pick out your classes.  Next up, finding the right scholarship.  RSU offers a variety of scholarships.  But if you're an incoming freshman, straight out of high school, there is one scholarship you may want to check out. 

RSU student Cheyanne Keith has been involved in PLC for the last two years. "I love being in PLC. I seriously have a blast with everything we get to do.”  The President's Leadership Class, or PLC, is a scholarship program that offers each student three-thousand-five-hundred dollars each year. 

But there is much more than just money when it comes to this scholarship. PLC students attend regular meetings and special events with the class. They are also very active on campus, and they often step outside the classroom, even outside the state line.  "We've been to Kansas City, Ft. Worth Texas, and it's been so much fun. We'll visit different museums and other historical sites, but it's always fun just to hang out with your friends in PLC,” says Keith.

PLC is open to students who attend RSU just out of high school. But the application process is not easy.  Students must complete interviews with current PLC members as well as meet the academic requirements. But for those who make it, it's worth the work.  "I've become friends with so many of the other PLC kids. It's really great and I love getting to be a part of it all,” says Keith.

If you would like more information on the President’s Leadership Class please click the link below.