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Nurses Needed

By student Tip Crowley

You may be able to help fix a big problem within the health care industry. Nurses are an important part of the health industry. Without them it would be impossible to operate smoothly. But there is currently a shortage of nurses all over the country. Nancy Deide, head of the Health Science Department at Rogers State University explains about the shortage. "It's like a pendulum, 20 years ago or 30 years ago there was a shortage and then programs are developed to encourage nurses to come back into the program and that happens and then we get a surplus of nurses.”

The nursing field is a hard line of study, and many people get burned out, making the shortage worse. Although this shortage is something that has happened before, there are new factors that are contributing to this shortage. "Much of it has to do with the nurses that were educated 30 years ago are starting to retire. Primarily nursing, I hate to say it, but it still is predominantly with women, and there are so many other opportunities now for women other than nursing so many of them go into other professions.”

If you are interested in helping people, the nursing profession is something that you should consider. Although it may not be as glamorous as being a doctor, nurses are just as necessary to keeping America healthy. You could just be a person who has a huge impact someone’s life.

For more information, Nancy Deide can be reached at 918-343-7885, or visit our Nursing web site.