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Native American Heritage Festival

By student Jessi Blythe Ammons

Have a cultural day making crafts from corn and cane at the Native American Heritage Festival.

Professor Hugh Foley says there will be lots of make it and take it crafts. "We provide a day of heritage that begins with free crafts. People can make dream catchers, corn husk dolls, cane flutes, beaded necklaces and little basket. They work with very skilled and knowledgeable Cherokee crafts people.”

After you have enjoyed making crafts you can learn to cook fry-bread or join in singing to an Indian drum. The schedule is full of interesting cultural demonstrations. There is a powwow demonstration so people can learn more about the various dances associated with the Native American culture. There will be a Kiowa/Comanche storyteller who tells stories in the traditional Kiowa way.

The evening activities will include an Indian supper prepared by RSU students. The day will conclude with a stomp dance which is the traditional dance of the southeast tribes like the Muskogee Creeks and the Cherokee.

There will be lots of activities and fun, so plan to attend the Native American Heritage Festival November 22 at 10am in the RSU gymnasium.

The event is sponsored by RSU’s Department of Fine Arts, Native American Student Association and the Upward Bound Program.