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Homecoming Plans

By student Doug Wittman

What do shopping carts, tailgates, and bonfires have in common? They are all part of the second annual Hillcat homecoming celebration.

Next week the RSU Hillcats will be celebrating their homecoming with a shopping-cart parade on Thursday November 6th, the Hillcat spirit bonfire on Friday November 7th, and the Hillcat basketball tailgate party on Saturday November 8th.

"This is something I'd like to see become a tradition here at Rogers State,”  Coordinator
of Student Activities BJ Armstrong says.

On Thursday RSU students will show their school spirit with a shopping cart parade. The parade
will start at Markham Hall and move its way across campus. All of the carts in the parade will be
decorated by members of different student groups around the campus.

"I think it sounds like a lot of fun for students here on campus,” exclaimed Gary Webb, Vice
President of the Student Broadcasting Association

Students will be celebrating Friday night at the Hillcat spirit bonfire with one of Tulsa's hottest
cover bands, The Plumbers. Also on Saturday, RSU students will fire up their grills and fuel up
for the big games at the Hillcat basketball tailgate party.

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