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Serena Dumas
Serena Dumas

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G.I. Bill and RSU

By student Jessi Ammons

The military is a great way to start college. RSU student and Army veteran Serena Dumas says, "The military teaches how to be responsible and dependable, and many other traits for success.”  Dumas says she liked the military. That it changed her life, because it taught her to be independent.

Dumas is attending college under the GI Bill. Young men and women can join a branch of the military, active or reserve, and receive financial assistance to attend college. "I am going to school, because the VA pays for me to go. In the military I was a combat medic, but I worked in the hospital in pediatrics most of the time. I have applied for the nursing program this fall.”

The GI Bill was approved in 1944. It offers benefits to individuals who served in the armed forces, such as college tuition support, low-interest home loans and career-finding assistance. Another benefit to serving in the military is that it trains recruits to be conscientious, a necessity for being prepared for college. Dumas added, "It helps to be prepared and ready emotionally and mature-wise. You realize the importance of school is to learn and have a career, to have more of a goal toward education.”

The GI Bill of Rights was introduced in 1944. It was primarily written by U-S Senator Ernest McFarland and Warren Atherton, American Legion National Commander of the time. The American legion succeeded in having women and minorities included in the bill. It was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.