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RSU Students are Finding Unique Ways to Help our Community

By student Kyle Olson

For the past 3 years the RSU Theatre Organization has found a unique way to generate interest in helping out the John 3:16 Mission. Students have built a "Box City” and slept in the boxes overnight. At the same time, they are collecting clothing donations at the event. This year marks the fourth "Box City,” and RSU student Josh Buehler has been involved since the event started.  "We are setting out to build a city out of boxes, it sounds silly, but it’s to attract people to donate and help the John 3:16 Mission. We risk somewhat cool temperatures, but it has always been fun,” Buehler says.

Buehler insists that you don’t have to be in the Theatre Organization to participate. "Students from any student organization can come and help us out. There will be free pizza and coffee for all participants, now that’s incentive,” he says.

Fellow RSU students are very supportive of  Box City. RSU senior Candice Nivison says ", I think it’s great that they are staying out in the chilly weather to help this important cause.” Fellow senior Ryan Floyd agrees with Nivison ", I think it’s a very interesting idea. They are getting out there and actually experiencing what the people they are trying to help experience.”

With support of students and faculty, Box City is marked for another year for success. To contribute, stop by "Box City” on October 2nd  at the front of Post Hall. The donations will be collected from 5:30 P.M. to well into the early morning hours.

The John 3:16 Mission is always open for donations, just go to for more information on how and where you can donate.