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Going Back to School

By student Tip Crowley

Some people envision college as a place for teens coming straight out of high school. But a rising number of non-traditional students are proving them wrong.

Gary Webb is not your typical college student. Gary is a 30 year old Hawaii native attending Rogers State University. Although he didn’t go straight to college after high school, he seems to be fitting in quite well. ” I worked in retail for a few years after high school, and I just decided it was time to come back to school. The transition back to school has been pretty easy for me,” explains Webb.

Gary attends classes full time and is looking to get a degree in communications. He is the traffic manager at RSU Radio, and is the co-host of "The Metal Meltdown”, a heavy metal radio show. "I started out at the television station and moved to RSU Radio after a semester. It’s really fitting for a person like me and its great experience for the future. And I love doing the metal show,” says Webb.

Gary is definitely not the most traditional of college students, but it is becoming easier for students like him to make it through college.

You can hear Gary (TuRbO) on the radio every Monday and Friday from 4-6 pm on the TnT show, on Tuesdays from 8-11pm for the Metal Meltdown and on Weds night from 11pm to 2am on the Midnight Metal Meltdown on 91.3 FM or online at