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A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

By student Tip Crowley

We’ve all heard the saying, "A Little Effort Goes a Long Way,” but when it comes to the nursing industry this couldn’t be more true.

There is a large difference in quality and ability between a registered nurse, who studies for two years, and a licensed practitioner nurse, who studies for only nine months. While they are both important jobs, an RN is an integral part of the health care industry.

"RNs can do more, and RNs with bachelor’s degrees are capable of doing far more than what LPNs do,” explained Nancy Deide, head of the Health Science Department at Rogers State University. "There are some programs at some of the for-profit technology centers for example that they train health care assistants or medical assistants. Again, RNs can do far more and provide better quality health care than what is seen at the other programs.”

While smaller, quicker programs may entice people into the medical industry, a more advanced course of learning may be just what the health industry needs. LPN student Terra Allie explains, "We only go over the basics and it all seems so…rushed. I wish I had time to go to a bigger university, so I would be more confident with my skills.”

Rogers State University offers an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in nursing, which is a 2 year course of study. At the end of this program, students are eligible to take the exam to become RN’s, registered nurses.

If you’re like more information on the Rogers State University nursing programs, you can visit their website: