Department of Communications

Boy sitting in Baird Hall

Are you fascinated by the world around you? Do you have a passion for explaining its complexities to a mass audience? Then a career in communications may be right for you!

The communications program explores the role of information in our lives, including the technology required to deliver it. We will help prepare you to be a better communicator in an increasingly information-driven world.

Communications students have an interest and curiosity about how our society works and how government, business, law and education impact our lives.

Our students demonstrate the ability to present information (oral and written) in a clear and concise manner. Students are intrigued by how information is presented to the public through newspapers, television, radio and Internet.

In major national surveys, employers indicated that the most desired attribute in employees, including new college graduates, is the ability to write and speak clearly.

Mission and Goals

  1. Foster the skills of critical thinking, writing, research, and oral communication among our students.
  2. Serve the University and the community through the provision of quality general education courses that prepare students for their adult roles as citizens and carriers of culture.
  3. Offer innovative programs and quality teaching within the classroom and through distance education.
  4. Facilitate the formation of a group of scholars consisting of faculty and students that meets outside ofcourse/credit settings.
  5. Encourage faculty scholarship
  6. Provide traditional and nontraditional students a quality baccalaureate degree in communications.
  7. Foster the values of scholarship, creativity, appreciation of diversity, and community service among our faculty,staff, and students.
  8. Recruit and retain high quality students, both traditional and nontraditional.