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Students with Disabilities

Rogers State University is committed to providing services and support for all students that facilitate the attainment of academic and personal goals. In accordance with federal and state laws, students who appropriately document their disabilities with the university are entitled to reasonable and appropriate educational accommodations. They are also ensured equality of opportunity in regard to University-based or sponsored employment, activities, programs, or other educational opportunities. The University does not alter or modify an academic course in any manner that would fundamentally alter the nature or rigor of the course. The Office of Student Affairs is designated to register and assist any student with a “qualified” cognitive, physical, health-related, or psychological disability. It is the responsibility of any student who requires a disability-related accommodation to initiate that request and to follow the procedures summarized here:

1.          Self-identify to the Office of Student Affairs. Students receiving services are instructed to identify themselves to their respective faculty if their academic needs will directly affect the classroom environment.

2.          Provide appropriate documentation* of disability(ies) for which you are requesting educational accommodation.

*Appropriate documentation is information that is reasonably current, on letterhead, provided and signed by a person with relevant licensing or credentials, clearly states the nature and extent of the disabillity(ies), describes the diagnostic procedures used, and makes recommendations for assistance.

3.          Make an official request for specific accommodation(s) in writing. A written request must be made each semester.

4.          A determination is then made concerning the request using the standard of “reasonable accommodation” and, if applicable, “undue hardship.”

5.          The Office of Student Affairs then coordinates the approved services with the appropriate offices and persons, informs the student of his or her status, and outlines any additional instructions the student should follow.

6.          Students who are denied a particular accommodation and/or provided an alternative can request within a certain time frame the opportunity to appeal that determination.