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SOC 1113 Introduction to Sociology

Foundations of social interaction including patterns of social structure, culture, socialization, family, education, religion, economic and political structures, primary relationships, social differentiation, organization, deviance, collective behavior, and social change. Scientific methods and sociological theorists will be discussed.


SOC 1201 Career/Life Planning

An elective course designed to help the student develop a greater understanding of himself/herself and the meaningful world of work. Emphasizes career-planning steps.


SOC 2083 Current Topics in Sociology

This course will focus on current topics in psychology not covered in existing course offerings. Intended for the purpose of offering high interest course topics during the semester. It may be repeated with changes of topic. Content varies with instructor.


SOC 2123 Social Problems

A sociological approach to major social problems in contemporary American society. Emphasizes concepts of aging, health care, minorities, poverty, technology, work, and youth. A critical consideration of causes of social maladjustment and consideration for solving societal issues.


SOC 2133 Drug Abuse

A social scientific approach to the nature, role, and effects of chemical and psychological addiction in society. Explores a variety of addiction issues as they relate to the social institutions of family, education, politics, and medicine.


SOC 2353 General Anthropology

Introduction to the field of anthropology, emphasizing human evolution, human genetics, Old World archaeology and the distribution of various breeding populations around the world. Prerequisite: SOC 1113 or consent of instructor.


SOC 2593 Statistical Methods

The emphasis in the course will be on applying advanced statistical techniques to specific application areas such as social science, business, and medical fields. Research techniques, fieldwork, and computer analysis will be the tools involved in conducting the statistical applications in this course.


SOC 2813 Introduction to Latin America

An overview of the geography, history, cultural traditions, and political systems of Latin America.


SOC 3023 Juvenile Delinquency

The focus of this course is to examine the juvenile delinquency phenomenon through the historical context of delinquency and the changing legal environment (includes major court decisions which have transformed the juvenile system). Students will explore the theories of the causes of juvenile delinquency and discuss juvenile delinquency prevention and control programs.


SOC 3033 Marriage and the Family

A survey of changes in family systems over the years. Area of study includes courtship, love, mate selection, parenthood, and family problems. The course also examines cross-cultural comparisons and considers alternatives to traditional family forms. Emphasis is placed on the use of empirical evidence to evaluate popular beliefs.


SOC 3043 Social Ethics

Introduction to social ethics. This course focuses on ethical and religious values of societies as they serve as a basis for social, legal, and political decisions.


SOC 3053 Cultural Ecology

An examination of how humans have used the various aspects of the social structure to adapt to the physical environment. Current ecological theories will be utilized to examine social evolution from hunting and gathering to industrial societies. Prerequisite: Nine hours of social science credit.


SOC 3073 Criminology

Critical analysis of criminological theories. The examination of major types of crimes, victims, and criminal behavior. Other topics include definitions, incidents, and trends in criminal behavior and the response of law enforcement, judicial, and correctional systems.


SOC 4013 Sociological Theory

A study of the great classical tradition in sociological theory and the expression of this tradition in contemporary theory. The course will include (but not be limited to) Weber, Marx, Durkheim, and Spencer. Prerequisites: Twelve hours of social science credit.