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Legal Assisting

Legal Assisting 

LA 1123 Legal Research and Writing

As an introduction to legal research and writing, this course will provide a comprehensive working knowledge and understanding of research materials and research tools. Students will learn to develop research strategies. In addition, students will learn to write legal memoranda and briefs.


LA 1133 Law Office Management

Survey of general practices, procedures, and working of the law office; caseload allocation, billing, payable and receivable, time keeping, filing, and follow-up procedures are analyzed; use of manuals for policies and procedures.


LA 1143 Civil Procedure I

Survey of Oklahoma Pleading Code and Discovery Code; drafting of pleadings and discovery materials; survey of the procedural aspects of conducting trials and appeals on both state and federal levels.


LA 2033 (POLS) American Legal System

A general perspective of the legal system and judicial branch of government; introducing legal terminology, survey of practices, and ethics of legal professions.


LA 2133 Family Law

Survey of Oklahoma law pertaining to family relationships; adoption, divorce, ceremonial and common-law marriages, property division, child custody and post-divorce proceedings; relation of civil procedure to family relations litigation.


LA 2283 Internship

Program credit for actual hours worked in a law office. Prerequisites: POLS/LA 2033, LA 1123,  and LA 1143.


LA 2393 Business Organizations

Formation, operation, and termination of proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations; status of business organizations in U.S. society; stocks, bonds, and financing of business organizations; mergers, acquisitions, and take over of corporations.


LA 2423 Legal Document Production

This course is designed to reinforce legal terminology and show how legal concepts are related to the production of legal documents. Students will be required to produce a variety of legal documents and become familiar with court processes.


LA 3013 Torts

This course will provide an introduction to the broad area of civil wrongs and their appropriate remedies. Tort Law principles in the areas of intentional torts, negligence, strict liability, products liability, and nuisance will be covered, as will commonly employed defenses. Prerequisite: POLS/LA 2033.


LA 3023 Contract Law

In this course, students will be introduced to the sources of contract law, including common law and the Uniform Commercial Code. Students will learn how to draft and interpret various types of contracts, and how to determine appropriate remedies when breach of contract occurs. Prerequisite: POLS/LA 2033.


LA 3033 Criminal Law

This course is a survey of common law and statutory crimes, with emphasis on Oklahoma and federal law. Procedural aspect of criminal investigations, trials, and appeals will also be covered. Prerequisite: POLS/LA 2033.