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ART 1103 Art Foundations I

An introduction to the practical application and theoretical aspects of creating art on two–dimensional surfaces.

ART 1113 (HUM) Art Appreciation

Illustrated lecture course surveying the role and dimension of art with a general examination of art theory, art media, and art history.

ART 1203 Art Foundations II

An introduction to the practical application and theoretical aspects of creating art with three–dimensional media.


ART 1213 Digital Foundations

An introduction to the Macintosh operating system, peripherals, and storage of graphic-based work. Discussion of raster vs. vector graphics and their strengths and weaknesses. A broad overview of some of the software and the parameters it defines for the artist. An introduction to the issues surrounding cross platform graphics. Production of original artworks.


ART 1223 Communication Graphics I

This class provides a strong foundation in computer graphics through the use of Adobe PhotoShop and traditional design concepts with related assignments. A thorough knowledge of materials and techniques of the computer artist is stressed. Prerequisite: ART 1103 and 1203.


ART 1413 Drawing I

Introduction to various types and uses of drawings. Black and white media, space and volume relations, development of visual units of design and their integration in the whole organization. Required for Art majors. Prerequisite: ART 1103 and ART 1203.


ART 1423 Drawing II

Continuation of ART 1413 with emphasis on perspective, composition, and multi-media. Prerequisite: ART 1413, or instructor's permission.


ART 1833 Introduction to Black and White Photography

Students will study camera operation, basic theory, materials and process, film exposure and developing techniques, contact printing and enlarging, filters and printing techniques and print finishing. This course equips students with technical, intellectual, conceptual, and creative skills of making a photograph. Prerequisite: ART 1103 and 1203.


ART 1913 Printmaking I

A broad perspective and general understanding of the various printmaking processes including theory and some practical work in the following media: silkscreen, woodcuts, linoleum block, intaglio (etching), and an explanation of lithography. Prerequisite: ART 1103 and 1203.


ART 1923 Printmaking II

More in-depth production and study of the print disciplines covered in the first course with concentration on silkscreen and intaglio media. Prerequisite: ART 1913.


ART 2033 Advanced Black and White Photography

This course covers archival processing and print finishing techniques. Students will develop their own personal projects based on consultation with the instructor with the final result being a production of limited edition portfolios. Prerequisite: ART 1853.


ART 2113 Life Drawing I

Constructive figure drawing from the live model. Focus on creative attitudes, with maintenance of balance between perceptual and conceptual drawing activities. Required for Art majors. Prerequisite: ART 1103, ART 1203, and ART 1413 or instructor’s permission.


ART 2213 Watercolor I

Techniques and purposes of painting with watercolor. Prerequisite: ART 1103, ART 1203, and ART 1413, or instructor’s permission.


ART 2223 Watercolor II

A continuation of ART 2213 with emphasis on more advanced techniques and application. Elective for Art majors. Prerequisite: ART 2213 or instructor's permission.


ART 2413 Three-Dimensional Art I

Experience in three-dimensional problems starting with an introduction to clay and its techniques including methods of firing, oxidation, reduction, and raku. Other sculptural processes discussed include mold making, metal casting, and carving. Prerequisites: ART 1103 and ART 1203.


ART 2423 Communication Graphics II

An in-depth study of visual communication through the use of a vector graphics software program (Adobe Illustrator) in conjunction with a raster graphics software program (Adobe PhotoShop). Assignments are designed to extend a student's sense of visual awareness, visual literacy, creative thought, and strengthening the student's portfolio. Prerequisite: ART 1223.


ART 2443 Three-Dimensional Art II

Further experience in three-dimensional problems, building upon the basics learned in 3-D Arts I. This course emphasizes the student’s personal approach via media and technique. Prerequisite: ART 2413.


ART 2453 Wheel-Throwing I

The nature of clay through the use of the potter’s wheel. Methods of firing include oxidation, reduction, and raku. Also discussed are glazing techniques. Prerequisites: ART 1103 and ART 1203.


ART 2463 Wheel-Throwing II

Further experience in the use of the potter’s wheel with emphasis on the student’s personal approach as well as production skills. Prerequisite: ART 2453.


ART 2553 Digital 3D Foundations

This course introduces the use of 3D programs such as Maya to create original art, illustrations, images for animation, and interactive CDs. Attention will be given to terminology. Prerequisites: ART 1103 and ART 1213. Recommended: ART 1413, ART 1423, ART 1223, or ART 2113.


ART 2733 History of Non-Western Art

A survey of art from past and present non-Western societies and art from aboriginal or immigrant non-Western populations living in Westernized society.


ART 2793 Art Marketing

Through investigation of product definition, demographics, market analysis, style identity, and portfolio preparation and presentation, this course is designed to help the student understand and access goals selling fine arts or finding an art related career. Field trips are taken and real market contacts are made. Prerequisite: ART 1103 and ART 1203.


ART 2813 Painting I

The study and application of painting. Comparison of history of painting and technique to student work. Visual and special relationships relative to painting. Use of either oil or acrylic paints. Required for Art majors. Prerequisites: ART 1103, ART 1203, and ART 1413, or instructor's permission.


ART 2883 Introduction to Color Digital Photography

The concepts and techniques in electronic imaging will be explored through the use of color digital equipment and Adobe PhotoShop. Fine Arts as well as editorial photographic standards will be addressed as the basis for critical analysis including visual awareness, visual literacy and creative thought of the finished photograph. Prerequisites: ART 1833 and ART 1223.


ART 2910 Individual Studio/Internship

One to four credit hours. Prerequisites: sophomore standing and consent of the instructor, completion of all courses in any of the following areas: Drawing, Ceramics, Life Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Watercolor, Serigraphy (silkscreen printing), Printmaking, Interior Design, or Art History.


ART 3003 Western Art History to 1400

An in–depth study of the major art movements and works in western art history to 1400.


ART 3013 Western Art History 1400-1850

The study of the movements, groups and individuals in western art history. The focus of the class will be directed toward the Renaissance through the precursors of Impressionism.


ART 3113 Life Drawing II

Student will learn the technical necessity and aesthetic benefits of working from a live model. Emphasis will be on advanced concepts in drawing. Stress on historical and contemporary influences in figure drawing.  Prerequisites: ART 1103, ART 1203, ART 1413, and ART 2113 or instructor’s permission.


ART 3123 Communication Graphics III

Emphasis is placed on preparing the student to successfully enter the graphic design field with an advanced understanding of design theory and a mastery of the industry's standard software programs. Graphic design assignments are designed to create a professional quality portfolio. Creative thinking, visual literacy and graphics theory are stressed in both print and interactive multimedia projects. Prerequisite: ART 2423.


ART 3213 Western Art History 1850-Present

The study of the most influential art and artists of Europe and the Americans during the middle and late modern periods. Aesthetic and historical influences as well as their effects on current art directions will be addressed.


ART 3313 Art Theory I

Critical theory by artists as it applies to art works and culture.

ART 3553 Digital 3D Studio
This is an advanced course that explores the tools and techniques used to create/animate rigid, inorganic/organic objects. Concepts for animating objects are discussed. Projects will include construction of buildings and texturing structures. Projects will also include the modeling of living beings. Prerequisite: ART 2553 Digital 3D Foundations.

ART 3910 Directed Studies

This course will address particular research and applications of theory and/or production in a visual art discipline. Course content to be determined each semester. Subjects will be selected from but not limited to studies in studio, graphic arts, or art history. Open to students in a graduating semester. (1-3 credit hours.)


ART 4313 Art Theory II

Critical theory by philosophers from antiquity to the present as it applies to art works and culture. Prerequisite: ART 3313.

ART 4433 Sequential Art
Student will utilize hand skills to sketch and draw storyboards. These hand rendered storyboards will be incorporated into computer generated three-dimensional objects in an artificial three-dimensional space leading to storyboard design, animation scripts, and the production of animation sequences to video. Prerequisite: ART 2553.

ART 4533 Art Studies-At-Large
This course is designed to foster study external to the region. Students will study at internationally recognized art centers. May be repeated once for credit. Art faculty approval required.