Summer Bioethics Program in Korea

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Korean students from Hannam University and Rogers State University students work together for three weeks to experience a unique learning environment which mingles culture and language, as well as knowledge.

The Summer Bioethics Program is offered as a joint class between Rogers State University and Hannam University. Students will participate in selected lecture classes and activities with minimal or no cost.

Hannam University

Hannam University is a comprehensive four-year university located in Daejeon, South Korea with more than 18,000 students including graduate students in Masters and Ph.D degree programs.

Found in 1956 by an American Missionary, the university embraces the vision of serving the country and globe by training students based on Christian values.

Rogers State University and Hannam University have joined forces to enhance inter-institutional relationships.

More about Hannam University and the city of Daejeon:

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