Summer Bioethics Program in Korea

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Where do I go?
South Korea is a beautiful country with inspiring mountains. Hannam University is in Daegeon which is located about 90miles south of Seoul. Daejeon is the fifth largest city in Korea where 1.5million people have their busy daily lives. The city is known for the Daedeok Valley which is a center for scientific researches in Korea and a part of the university campus is located in it. Daejeon is surrounded by many historic landmarks and scenic mountains.

Why Hannam University?
Hannam University was established by American Southern Presbyterian missionaries in 1956 and has 17,915 students (2007). Rogers State University and Hannam University have established an exchange program, The Summer Bioethics Class in Korea will be the first program that would be benefitted from it. Hannam University spells its mission as ‘dedication to thoughtful integration of academic excellence and spiritual growth, striving to cultivate students’ abilities so that they can be well-rounded leaders in the global community’.

What will I study?
RSU students will be joined by Korean students who also enrolled for the class. The class will be coordinated by Drs. In-Soo Lee (HNU) and Jae-Ho Kim (RSU). The course is designed to visit broad spectrum of topics involved in Bioethical issues. The topics are not limited but include research ethics, stem cell research, life and death, creation and evolution, genetic testing, gene therapy, and environmental issues. The class will explore different views between two cultures and include field trips of relevant sites and facilities.

What is the language of instruction?
Classes will be in English.

Where will I stay?
You will stay in a dormitory of Hannam University where you would meet with other Korean students. The dormitory is located in the campus where you can walk to the classrooms. You will be able to walk to restaurants and convenient stores from the dormitory. Public transportations, bus, taxi, and subway system, are within the reach of the campus.

When do I leave?
The class runs from June 22 to July 12, 2009. Students will leave on June 20 and return on July 13. You may stay longer if you choose but must arrange additional travel with the instructor. We will leave from Tulsa International Airport and arrive at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, Korea unless you have made arrangements to fly elsewhere.

What are the eligibility requirements?
Students will benefit more if they have taken an introductory biology course such as cell biology, but it is not required. We will meet regularly during spring semester to prepare for Korean culture, food, and language to ease students’ cultural shock.

How much does it cost?
Estimated cost is $3,000 which includes most expenses such as room, meals, and tuition. There may be some additional expenses for extra trips during weekends. Full amount of money should be deposited to the designated school account before May 1, 2009.