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Business Information Technology Bachelor's Degree


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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology is designed to meet the growing demand for information technology specialists who are able to communicate effectively and are knowledgeable of business needs. Students may choose from the following options.

  • Option: Computer Network Administration
    The Computer Network Administration Option includes the study of network operating systems, network security, configuration of network components, and emerging technologies. Careers for students with this option may include system network administrators, system specialists, and network specialists.
  • Option: Software Development and Multimedia
    The Software Development and Multimedia Option focuses on object-oriented technology, software engineering, multimedia and web development, and emerging technologies. Careers for students with this option include web masters, web programmers, computer programmers, systems analysts, and software engineers.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate competence in analyzing problems, designing, and implementing programs to solve the problems using computer programming languages.
  2. Integrate the design, implementation and administration of computer networks.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and practical technology and business oriented skills to compete in the modern business environment.
  4. Integrate the entire software life cycle including analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance.


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